What Local Clubs think of LittleLions-Rugby?

Hi Mike,
Hope you are well, just wanted to say a massive thank you, we are so glad we discovered little lions. Henry has had a brilliant time over the last few years and I don’t think he could have been prepared in a better way for entering the next stage of his rugby career at his daddy’s club Yarnbury (and then hopefully England!)
Littlelions-Rugby is just so different to any other child centred sport activity we have tried. It is an hour, it is outside whatever the weather, it encapsulates the rugby ethos of teamwork and camaraderie. It truly tests them and brings out the competitive edge however deeply hidden in the most fabulous and positive way. I don’t know how you find such brilliant co-coaches; you and they are such positive role models for the children. Thank you – we have all loved every minute.
Ian Burrows U7’s Coach, Yarnbury RUFC.

“Both of my son’s have attended LittleLions-Rugby and I have nothing but admiration for how they have picked up basic motor skills through the games that they play at LittleLions-Rugby. This has given them an electric start to their ‘competitive rugby career’ (all be it just to playing tag!) They approach games with energy and excitement and easily fitted into the Mini Rugby set-up at Old Leo’s, which is now fully thriving, thanks LittleLions-Rugby!”
Mark Winter, Head Coach, U7’s Leodiensian Rugby Club

“My son Daniel has attended LittleLions-Rugby and he thoroughly enjoyed the fun and games they played there. Simple skills like running with the ball in two hands, tagging and working as a team are all things he has developed while being a ‘Little Lion’.
The games learnt at LittleLions-Rugby have stood him in good stead for the drills we operate at training at Roundhegian’s, and have therefore been a great grounding for his success on match days. Thanks – LittleLions-Rugby!
John Macintyre, Team Manager U8’s Roundhegians RUFC.

My youngest son initially attended the midweek Little Lions toddler group at Thorner which he enjoyed immensely. Since starting school he has progressed to the Saturday morning sessions at Moortown RUFC which he really enjoys. I wished I had known about Little Lions for my eldest son, he loves rugby and would have loved Little Lions. I am in the privileged position of not only see Mike, and his LittleLions-Rugby coaches work their magic with my own son, but as the former U7’s and now under 8’s coach at Moortown RUFC, I have the benefit of seeing the number of ‘rugby ready’ kids coming through from LittleLions-Rugby and settling straight into our club’s Mini Rugby section. Thanks Mike and Little Lions, from both my position as a dad, and also as a club coach in the Mini’s section at Moortown RUFC. Keep up the good work!
Neil Chappell, U8’s Coach, Moortown RUFC.