LittleLions-Rugby launches Toddler (pre-school) play group

LittleLions-Rugby will be launching a Toddler (pre-school) play group at Shadwell Recreation Centre (Holywell Lane),this Friday 13th November at 2.00pm. Our fun activity hour is open to anyone with a pre-school toddler between 2.5 years old and 4 years old.

At the play group children will take part in games including running with a ball and kicking and catching. In our sessions we look to develop basic core motor skills within a team environment. Getting your child involved in any sport can be a good way of keeping them busy and burning excess energy! By introducing them to LittleLions-Rugby, we aim to increase your child’s confidence and self esteem. This can lead to better communication and listening behaviours, but above all it’s a lot of FUN!

Toddlers attending need not have an interest in rugby or be “sporty types” – all are welcome. It’s all about enjoying a new activity – so give it a try!

To find out more about this session and others that LittleLions-Rugby offer, feel free to call us on – 07775 804 257, and ask for Mike Roberts, our Principal Coach who will be happy to explain a little more about our sessions.