Belated congratulations to ‘Bromlegs RFC’!

Apologies for taking sooo long to get round to this, but like many once England were booted out so early on I lost interest in this competition (along with the RWC in general!)

But, congratulations are due to Adam Bromley (one of coaches) who successfully managed ‘Bromlegs RFC’ to the inaugural winning of the LittleLions-Rugby RWC Competition. Storming a late run and taking victory with a massive 433 points.

Commiserations need to go to Danny Firth’s efforts as his ‘Firth’s Glorious Failures’ lived up to their name by being long term favourites for most of the competition, only to snatch failure from the jaws of success, with an eventual haul of 411 points.

I Hope that all who entered this fun exercise enjoyed it, and I apologise now for the excessive gloating you will all be exposed to from Adam this weekend as we all return after half-term!