About Us

Hi, I am Mike Roberts.

For the last 20 years plus I have had a very successful career in media. As a manager, publisher and General Manager for national, European and Global organisations, I have been responsible for managing teams of various sizes, establishing and developing business core values and training staff. Socially I loved (and still love) sports generally. A late entrant into rugby I became my college rugby club secretary, arrived in London to join Hackney Rugby Club where I played for over twenty years.     I then had children!

I became a typical Dad. Keen to get my kids into sporting activities and away from becoming a bedroom, PC zombies! I stumbled across an organisation on Clapham Common called – RuggerBeez. I signed my then 3 year old son up, and 18 months later I was their Venue Manager at Wimbledon Park, running a Saturday session involving over 60 kids. My involvement grew with them working over school clubs and running bespoke birthday parties for RuggerBeez members.

I have now moved to Leeds, and with the experience learnt from RuggerBeez I have launched LittleLions-Rugby, based on the same core values of – ‘Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportmanship.’

The key benefit we offer at LittleLions-Rugby, is the blend of technical know-how – I am a qualified RFULevel I coach, with a fully enhanced CRB check and Early Age Emergency First Aid certificate; with the understanding of being a parent. I understand the mood swings of small children, their insecurities at that age of mixing with other children and I can talk to them in their ‘language’ in terms of ‘Spider Man’ hands, running as fast as ‘Sportacus’ and sharing like ‘Zou’. Though in all honesty, I have never got my head around who’s who where ‘Power Rangers’ are concerned!