10 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Never Let Your Kids Play Rugby

Everyone knows that rugby is really dangerous thanks to a bunch cauliflower eared thugs knocking the living daylights out of each other for fun, but do they know the reasons why? Here we’ve compiled our top ten reasons as to why nobody should never ever even consider playing rugby…

1.You will find your kids have less and less free time to sit in front of the TV because instead of sitting around on the sofa during their evenings and weekends they’ll actually be outside.

2.There’s a chance they might have to interact with other people and develop friendships as rugby demands all participants actually speak to one another.

3.There is also a significant risk that you kids might actually end up doing some running, which means there’s a significant risk they could end up becoming dare we say it – healthy!

4.It’s quite likely your kids will discover positive role models in coaches and older players – but they have enough positive role models at home right?

5.Sometimes rugby can be a bit like school because they actually end up having to learn things – things like respect, teamwork, friendship and hard work.

6.Food and clothing bills may increase as your kids body adapts to the physical demands of rugby – but we don’t want your kids to grow up big and strong do we?

7.You might actually have something you can do with your kids, because suddenly they have something they’re passionate about and want to practice with you – but who wants to spend time with their kids hey?

8.Believe it or not there’s also the risk they might find they actually enjoy themselves – and who would want your kids having fun outside of your control?

9.There’s a chance they might learn some valuable life lessons, because after all, who wants to deal with the realities of life though?

10.Your kids might actually end up gaining some confidence as a result of playing rugby, and obviously its crucial to keep your kids starved of confidence or else they may develop into well-rounded adults!