What Rain?

This weekend saw the first really wet weekend at LittleLions-Rugby. To those Mums and Dads it persuaded to stay home – shame on you!
For those parents who did turn hope, which was the majority – well done!
I know from experience that days like last weekend will live on in the memories of your children for many a year.
You only needed to see the glow and smiles on their faces, and the fact they where all cheering for ‘one more game of Cowboys and Indians’, to know they had a great time.
Don’t forget to wrap up warm for the rest of the term. The weather isn’t going to change much, and we surely aren’t going to! Our aim is to make sure everyone leaves the sessions with the same glow and smiles that all the children had this weekend just gone, though we apologise to the Mum’s who have to take charge of the muddy kit when they get home!