Only four weeks until our new season begins!!

To all our regulars, just wanted to let you know we are onlt four weeks away from the new term.

Given the number of water bottles we collected last term I’m guessing you need to check yours and make sure you have one September!

Also if your little one’s have had a growth spurt and you need to invest in some new kit for them, then why not get them the LittleLions-Rugby kit (Bundle – Shirt, shorts,socks, £30.00) Or we also have some lovely black polo shirts (£9.99).

Spetember 2015 see’s us launching our birthday parties offering. To find out more go to the website (, or drop Mike an email at

LL-R POLO SHIRT BLACK 25.11.14LittleLions-Rugby Sept 2014 N16LittleLions-Rugby Sept 2014 N10