The life of a child – the most precious thing in the world, and yet also one of the most frail. Many of our children will hopefully go through their young lives enjoying the things they should – the changing seasons, the love of their family, excitement and adventure, and even the experience of a ‘LittleLions-Rugby’ game or two!

But unfortunately life is not always like that. Terminal illness can affect anyone, young and old, but at least in most cases an adult can have an understanding of what is happening – they can know why and be more able to face up to the challenges that such an illness brings.

But what of Children? How do you explain to a child why they are feeling such terrible pain? Why are they almost constantly in hospital, under going tests, examinations, scans, many of them painful and terrifying.

How can the innocent mind of a young child even begin to understand long operations, radiotherapy, losing their hair, feeling so weak and scared?

It was after reading this on a leaflet I was sent that I knew that I wanted to do something to help children who sadly have been diagnosed with Cancer and Leukaemia. So as today, LittleLions-Rugby will be taken on ‘KidsforLife’ as it’s nominated charity.

We are not sure how or what we will be looking to raise money for this charity, but any ideas are more than welcome, nit to mention your donations as and when we ask you for them!

So if you have any ideas of activities we could do then please drop us an email at LittleLions-Rugby.