Dancing in the Rain

DANCING IN THE RAIN…Well not quiet dancing, but if playing in the rain is something that sounds like fun, thenyou and child(ren) would have loved both sessions this weekend just gone.

Both sessions were held in bouts of light drizzle, grey sky and a muddy setting. Yet the feedback from the kids on both sessions were the same – “We had fun!”
There’s something particularly comforting about seeing beaming smiles on small children after they have completed a LittleLions-Rugby session, but even more when they muddy from head to toe but they can’t stop smiling and giggling.

Calling all Mums (and Dad’s) who were out with us this weekend. Add a comment about the weekend on netmums – Leeds

(http://www.netmums.com/leeds/noticeboard), telling everyone how much fun your child(ren) had and I’ll make sure you get a LittleLions sticker this weekend coming!    🙂  You can’t beat a bit of bribery! (lol!)